Import and Export Data Tutorial

Last 2 weeks, we got email from Zaitun Time Series users. They asked us about their problem on importing their CSV files an Excel files. They have difficulties in importing their files cause there is no documentation about it. Many of them have problems about data format accepted by Zaitun Time Series.

We are sorry for incomplete documentation about working with data and manipulating it.
We have added a tutorial in Zaitun Time Series Online Documentation about how to import data from CSV File or Excel File and how to export data to CSV or Excel format include it's restriction about the format. The documentation can be found here:

  • Exporting Data
  • Importing Data
    • Unfortunately, there is a little problem about importing data from CSV and Excel file.
      Zaitun Time Series can't accept non numeric value (e.g. “Nov 2007”) or missing value (e.g. “”).
      Therefore, the CSV file or Excel file have to be clean from non numeric value and missing value to be able to be imported into Zaitun Time Series project.

      We will try to make import tool in Zaitun Time Series better soon.

      Rizal Zaini Ahmad Fathony
      Zaitun Time Series Developer Team